With the help of my Dad, I've now converted my wired KZ ZSN PRO Xs to bluetooth, using the bluetooth wiring of a set of cheap onn In Ear headphones:

Historically I've been fiercely anti-bluetooth, because I hated having to charge the headphones very regularly, I was paranoid I was gonna loose them, etc.

But I live in Michigan where it's snowy af, and, whenever snow melts into my charging port, the device will force disable the port from being used while it's drying

I'm not saying that's a bad feature or anything, it's just annoying when I want to listen to my music with a USB-C dongle

The onn earbuds solve that for me, but the sound quality is dogshit (which makes sense, they're like $10, you get what you pay for)

So yeah, that's why I ended up doing this

Battery life remains unchanged from the 7 hours it used to have unmodified, and I'm overall very happy with it