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No one throws my trust on the ground, stomps all over it and gets away with it

Sup, I'm tomxcd, or just Tom. I exist (rather unfortunately) as a human being hiding behind a drake persona that does things with software, likes horror/weirdcore, cycling, and even lingustics.

Currently studying at my local tribal college to obtain a Native Studies degree, and while I'm still in high school at that, which is pretty convenient.

Time may heal all wounds, but we all only have a limited amount of time, so don't waste it holding grudges unless you feel the time is best spent on it.

Telegram and IRC (Rizon and at tomxcd, email at or XMPP at

Proud (and recently returned) member of the aftersleep network and part of the retronaut and safont webrings.

Some other cool people include ario, 3k, ff00ff, out, zen, momo, awii, angus

Cheers, and remember, hope is fear's worst enemy.